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Experience Dr. Charles S. Lee’s groundbreaking, non-invasive facial lifting and sculpting techniques. Using injectable fillers such as Juvederm and BOTOX, Dr. Lee has created a combination of treatments to lift, sculpt, and define the face. Emerge from this treatment with a more beautiful, contoured face. The Dr. Charles S. Lee Introductory Package is designed to recreate contoured cheekbones, a defined nose, and a sharp jawline and chin. Enjoy the look of your new, improved face in as little as one hour with no downtime.

During the procedure, our expert aesthetics expert injects filler deep into the face and gently smooths it, creating a natural, younger shape. The expert also injects BOTOX into the jaw for a chiseled, slimmer effect. The procedures actually change the structure of the patient’s face to provide a more defined, attractive appearance. This treatment is ideal for women and men of all ages who crave more facial definition. Results can last as long as a year and a half.

Schedule a consultation today at our facility located in Beverly Hills to see if the introductory package is right for you.

The Charles Lee Intro Package Includes:


We will restore your face by creating a defined nose and youthful midface volume without the lengthy and painful recovery demanded by surgery.


We’ll expertly and instantly smooth and sharpen the contours of your jaw and forehead.