Goodbye Acne Treatment Package: You Deserve Flawless Skin

Acne’s effects run deep. Ongoing outbreaks cause both physical and emotional pain. Even when acne clears, it often leaves permanent scars and bumps on the face.
Acne can appear at any point in life — many adults actually find it worsening as they age. With the arsenal of laser treatments available at Enhance® Medical Center, we can help you conquer acne and regain your confidence. Our technology can help to reduce acne scars and create smoother skin and a clearer complexion. We start your treatment package with Laser Skin Resurfacing, a procedure to renew skin and repair dullness and damage. Next, through LED Light Therapy, we energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural processes, which helps keep the skin clear.

Our expert skincare technology specialists will provide you with prescription skincare products to continue promoting clear skin between your appointments. We repeat these processes until your face is clear and glowing. Next, we perform Vivace microneedling — the most advanced skin resurfacing and rejuvenation technology yet. Vivace not only preserves your beautiful skin but also encourages the production of collagen in the sub-dermal layers to keep your skin healthy and free from breakouts.

The Goodbye Acne Treatment Package Includes:

Vivace Microneedling beverly hills california

Vivace Microneedling

After your skin has cleared, we’ll continue treating the skin at its most important level so you are rewarded with fresh new collagen and elastin.


Vivace Microneedling

LED Light Therapy beverly hills california

LED Light Therapy

We give you a relaxing, soothing, and painless light treatment for a radiant glow at your skin’s surface.


LED Light Therapy

Prescription Skincare beverly hills california

Prescription Skincare

We expertly analyze your skin to equip you with care to maintain healthy skin at home as your treatment continues.

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