Esthetician Packages in Beverly Hills, CA

Esthetician's Specially Curated Packages

The Prom Queen – $150

Tackle toxins, oil, and congestion with exfoliation, steam, and intense extractions, along with a clarifying mask. Reduce inflammation/acne caused by hormones with super serums. Includes a thorough skin analysis as well as a proper home care regimen to maintain lifelong clear healthy glowing skin.

  • LED Light Therapy – $50
  • Oxygen Therapy – $50
  • 1 hour

Jet Setter Pure Hydration – $150

Fight flight dehydration and lackluster skin with this deep hydrating and renewing facial treatment. volumize skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with pure hyaluronic acid, protein-rich caviar. Nourish the skin back to a state of youth with oxygen infusion, minerals, brightening botanicals, and detoxifying ingredients.

  • LED Light Therapy – $50
  • Micro-Current – $50
  • 1 hour

Fountain of Youth – $200

Turn back time and reveal your skin’s true radiance with this exfoliating, tightening, and brightening treatment. Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with micro-current, powerful refining retinol, and pure hyaluronic acid. Awaken lackluster skin with vitamin C, brightening botanicals, fruit enzymes, and salicylic acid.

  • Oxygen Infusion – $50
  • 1 hour

Beverly Hills Express Facial – $175

When you just don’t have time! This express facial deep cleanses, resurfaces using hydradermabrasion, and infuses peptides, stem cells, and nutrients deep into the dermis.

  • Glycolic Acid – $40
  • 30 Minutes

The A-Lister – $250

This premium facial will ensure you are ready for any special event. Microdermabrasion with a diamond-tipped wand removes impurities and dead skin. Glycolic acid gives you that red carpet glow. A mild electric current drains puffiness, tones muscle, and tightens skin. Oxygen with peptides and nutrients is infused into the skin to revive and refresh. Finally, LED light therapy boosts and brightens while generating collagen and elastin. There is no downtime with this treatment.

  • Vitamin Therapy – $75
  • 1 hour

Mama-to-Be – $200

Unbalanced hormones from pregnancy can wreak havoc on your skin during pregnancy. Get the ultimate nourishing pregnancy glow from natural fruit enzymes to exfoliate lackluster skin and clear dirt and debris. Hyaluronic acid and probiotic infusion to help plump and hydrate the skin. Oxygen therapy and an algae mask are provided for additional nourishment. An at-home regimen is also provided to ensure proper skin health during this time.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage – $60

Our esthetician begins with a deep cleanse with natural enzymes to break up dead skin cells to help soften pores for gentle, thorough extractions. The esthetician then performs a gentle lymphatic drainage massage using light suction around the lymph nodes to create blood flow. This is extremely relaxing—most patients are so relaxed they fall asleep. This treatment can help counteract the impairment of lymph drainage experienced after surgery or during pregnancy. This is also a great treatment for anyone prone to bad acne or individuals who travel frequently. After a treatment, you will appear brighter and less puffy and congested.

Advanced Post Surgery Treatment – $150

Add to the any HydraFacial plus facial lymphatic and LED red, blue and green light combo.

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