6 Reasons To Combine Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

breast lift and augmentation in Beverly Hills

Breast augmentation adds size and volume to your breasts. Breast lift returns sagging breasts to a more youthful position. The two surgeries are different but complement each other. The end result is larger, more attractive breasts. While it is possible to schedule these procedures separately, having them done at the same time is both convenient and less expensive. Dr. Charles S. Lee of Enhance® Medical Center in Beverly Hills explains the reasons why it makes sense to combine breast augmentation with breast lift. 

1. Less Downtime

It takes four to six weeks to recover fully from breast augmentation. Recovering from breast lift takes about three weeks, although the final results are not evident for six to 12 weeks. When you combine these procedures, the recovery time overlaps.

That means less time off work or having to rely on others for childcare or household maintenance. If you’re taking vacation days or PTO to recuperate, having the procedures done together means you’ll bank more precious leisure time. It’s more convenient and less hassle all the way around.

2. Less Expense

Insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery. One way to save on plastic surgery expenses is by combining procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lift. If these surgeries were done separately, you would have to pay for two operating room and anesthesia fees. By combining them, you can save significantly. 

3. Less Risk 

Although breast augmentation and breast lift surgery are generally very safe, there are risks associated with any surgery. Having the procedures done at the same time minimizes these risks simply because you are not undergoing two separate surgeries.  

4. Less Scarring 

When the procedures are combined, there are fewer incisions. That means that there is less scarring, and less skin needs to be removed.

5. Less Implant Volume

By combining breast augmentation and breast lift, you may need less implant volume. That’s because breast lift shapes the breasts along with positioning them higher. By the same token, the implants improve the breasts’ appearance so less lifting may prove necessary.

6. Achieve Your Ideal Body Contour

Combining breast augmentation with breast lift allows you to achieve your ideal body contour. Your surgeon has more control over the outcome and overall appearance of the breasts.

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