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Laser hair removal in Beverly Hills

Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Shaving and Waxing

Would you like to get rid of unwanted face or body hair permanently? That’s a major reason laser hair removal is better than shaving or waxing (but far from the only argument in favor of going the laser hair removal route). Dr. Charles S. Lee of Enhance® Medical Center in Beverly Hills explains why laser […]

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Fat Removal in Beverly Hills

Is Surgery Necessary To Treat Stubborn Fat?

No matter how much you diet and exercise, there are certain fat pockets that just won’t go away. Is there a way to get rid of this annoying fat without undergoing surgery? Dr. Charles S. Lee of Enhance® Medical Center in Beverly Hills discusses alternatives to surgery for treating stubborn fat.

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neck skin tightening

Tightening Neck Skin Without Needing Surgery

One of the first areas on the body to show significant signs of aging is the neck. Even with a good skin care routine, the skin around the neck can gradually become looser, ruining the neck’s contours and sometimes creating a turkey-like wattle. At Enhance® Medical Center, our world-class team led by Charles S. Lee, […]

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blepharoplasty eyelid surgery

How to Improve Your Droopy Eyelids

In your younger years, having heavy eyelids is an indication that you’re tired. However, once you pass middle age, your eyelids may feel heavy even after you’ve woken up from a full night of sleep. Not only do eyelid muscles gradually weaken, but fat and loose skin just above the eye can press down on […]

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