LED Red Light Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA


Fun in the sun often damages the skin. A lifetime of sunexposure can
speed up aging of skin and lead to poor skin texture. LED Red Light therapy gently but effectively combat your skin concerns.

How Does LED Red Light Therapy Work?

LED Red Light Therapy deliver targeted, high-intensity light pulses that penetrate deep into your skin to heat the sub-surface layers.

After a thorough consultation with Dr. Lee, and review of your individual needs, our practitioner will apply a cooling gel to the surface of your face that both protects your healthy skin cells and provides total comfort during your procedure. Using a specialized handheld instrument, the practitioner gently delivers the light pulses to the treatment area. During treatment, our specialist optimizes the wavelength to make LED Red Light Therapy capable of two processes at once — both breaking up unwanted melanin and shrinking small broken blood vessels with every pulse, your skin receives a surge of new energy, helping it to look and feel its best, while also plumping the underlying collagen layer.

LED Red Light Therapy can take from 30 to 60 minutes. There is no downtime after the procedure, and patients are free to resume normal activities. In the weeks after treatment, the now-fragmented melanin particles will be eliminated by your body’s own absorption system.

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What Does LED Red Light Therapy Treat?

LED Red Light Therapy can target sun-damaged skin, fine lines, large pores, skin texture, facial redness, broken blood vessels, discolored skin, stretch marks, rosacea, sun-induced freckles on the hands, chest, and face, and broken capillaries around the nose.

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How Do LED Red Light Therapy Differ From Laser Skin Resurfacing?

LED Red Light Therapy and laser skin resurfacing are both designed to rejuvenate the face’s deeper skin, but the procedures differ in a few key ways. PhotoFacials are non-invasive, require no downtime, and provide an effective way to minimize enlarged pores, light wrinkles, and moderate sun damage.

Laser Skin Resurfacing is a semi-invasive procedure, requiring some downtime and providing an effective solution to more serious skin problems such as deep wrinkles, serious sun damage, and severe acne scarring.

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How Does LED Light Skin Therapy Work?

LED light therapy at Enhance® Medical Center is an add-on service, most popularly used in conjunction with Vivace microneedling, CoolSculpting, Thread Lift, and injectables. First, choose between our Anti-Acne Light or Anti-Aging Light, Then we’ll place the light mask gently above your face so your skin can absorb the light. Each treatment takes 20 minutes, and there is no downtime. LED light therapy is soothing, painless, and effective on all skin tones and types. Many clients see results, including improved skin tone and a newfound glow, immediately and experience continued improvements in the weeks that follow.

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What Concerns Does LED Light Therapy Treat?

FDA-cleared LED light therapy for anti-acne and anti-aging has been clinically proven in numerous studies to treat mild to moderate acne and to decrease facial wrinkles. Patients can treat acne or the effects of age, including fine lines on the forehead, crow’s feet, sunken cheeks, nasolabial folds, a sagging jawline, and even wrinkled lips. In clinical studies within just eight weeks, 100% of participants treated for acne showed improvement and 100% of those treated for the effects of aging showed a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

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Light Therapy Skin Treatment FAQs

Are facial light treatments safe?

Facial light treatments are a safe way to address several aesthetic skin and vein issues.

Will light therapy help with my hyperpigmentation?

Many patients visit Dr. Lee with complaints of hyperpigmented skin, which is a condition where the skin develops patches that appear darker than the skin in the surrounding area. It is due to excess melanin in the skin forming deposits, leaving patients with discoloration. LED Red Light Therapy is a great solution in these cases, as the treatment breaks up the unwanted melanin in the skin, allowing the skin to become clear and more even toned.

Will I need multiple sessions to see results?

LED Red Light Therapy treatments are tailored to the patient’s specific needs and cosmetic concerns. Our team will create a treatment plan that includes the recommended number of sessions required before the desired results are revealed. For most skin concerns, you can expect three to six treatments, which may be a month apart. This type of schedule allows for proper skin healing between sessions.

How can I maintain my results following my light therapy treatment?

While facial light therapy cannot stop the body from naturally aging, you can maintain your glowing results from treatment by incorporating the instructions provided by our team following your treatment. Generally, maintaining your results requires consistency, whether that means using a daily sunscreen, engaging in sun protection any time you are outdoors, or regularly following up with Dr. Lee for subsequent treatments.

Can other treatments be combined with facial light treatment?

It is normal for patients with cosmetic facial concerns to be curious about other treatments that may help them achieve even more dramatic results. Based on your aesthetic goals, skin health, and other factors, Dr. Lee can recommend other treatments that may be combined with facial light treatments.

Can I use an at-home LED light for the same results?

As with many at-home versions of popular med-spa treatments, there are several factors that can affect your results. This includes the type of device used to deliver the LED light, the comfort the individual feels while using the device, and even the ease of use, all of which vary from brand to brand. When you receive LED treatments at Enhance® Plastic Surgery®, you can be assured that you are receiving personalized treatment by professionals who understand your unique skin and are able to deliver the results you want.

Will I have to do anything to prepare for facial light treatment?

Our team will let you know if there is anything specific you should do to prepare your skin in the days or weeks before treatment. This may include the following:

  • Avoid tanning or sunbathing
  • Avoid certain cosmetic treatments, such as chemical peels
  • Stop the use of certain medications
  • Refrain from using lotion on the day of your treatment

Why should I choose Enhance® Plastic Surgery® for my facial light treatments?

Our experienced team of experts at Enhance® Plastic Surgery® prioritizes patient safety and positive outcomes. Dr. Lee is eager to help improve bothersome cosmetic skin issues that may detract from your appearance. To schedule your consultation, contact our office or use our convenient online form.

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