Avoiding a “Done” or Unnatural Look With Facelift

Natural-looking facelift in Beverly Hills
Ptosis correction and nasal airway repair. Both procedures were deemed medically necessary and covered by insurance.

“A smile is like an instant facelift,” a famous supermodel once remarked. Of course, not everyone is born with a supermodel’s ability to smile away the years. Often the key to elegant and lasting facial rejuvenation is the skill of a respected plastic surgeon.

Below, trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD outlines the difference an experienced surgeon can make in achieving a facelift result that is soft, subtle and natural.

Youthful Contours

The best plastic surgeons have a depth of experience, a solid record of success — but also something more. They are master sculptors, gifted artisans, even natural mathematicians. Facial cosmetic surgery involves a complex geometry of lines, curves and angles that form your facial character and expression. A gracefully drawn jawline, a perfect symmetry of eyes, nose and chin, requires an eye for detail, dimension and proportion.

Each area of the face contributes to your very own distinctive look. Treating one section only, such as the jowls or neck, can upset the aesthetic balance of the face, making a facelift patient look unnatural and even unrecognizable.

The Foundation: Experience

A surgeon’s experience is extremely important in achieving a successful facelift. A surgeon who keeps abreast of the latest techniques and medical best practices knows how important it is to pay attention to the muscles and ligaments under the skin, not simply stretch the surface. The painfully obvious “done” or “windswept” look is often the result of a doctor cutting and stretching only the surface layer, creating tension with deeper tissue.

An experienced surgeon also knows how important it is to keep facial features in perfect alignment. In addition, he is keenly aware that removing fat below the surface during a facelift can result in a skeletal look that will actually make the patient seem older.

Image and Imagination

Like any true artist, premier plastic surgeons have curated a gallery of masterpieces, and are eager to show them to the world. By reviewing Dr. Lee’s album of before-and-after pictures, you can judge for yourself the quality of each outcome, and imagine the exciting possibilities for your own magnificent portrait. You will see the difference exceptional artistry, skill and great passion can make.

To learn more about achieving the rejuvenated look you desire with facelift, schedule a personal consultation with Charles S. Lee, MD, or contact the Beverly Hills office of Enhance® Medical Center today.

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