Avoiding a Surprised Look With Brow Lift

Brow Lift in Beverly Hills

In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, brow lift will subtly improve the appearance of a heavy forehead and sagging, wrinkled brows. Once healed from your brow lift, you should look like a younger and more refreshed version of yourself.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD will help you achieve a long-lasting result that will deeply satisfy you, while creating looks of marvel and wonder — but only on the faces of your admiring friends. His advanced training and years of experience mean you will never look overdone, frozen or perpetually surprised from his work.

With brow lift, as with so many plastic surgery procedures, the best outcomes require a subtle approach, lifting brows with care, nuance and precision. This requires extraordinary mastery of surgical techniques — as well as an artist’s sense of balance and proportion.

Look the Way You Feel

Brow lift is a permanent solution for a time-worn expression. It targets sagging brows and forehead wrinkles by tightening skin and raising eyebrows to create a happier, more relaxed appearance.

Dr. Lee begins the process of creating a smooth brow without wrinkles or creases by creating three to five incisions, each about a half-inch in length, nestled in the hairline. Through the incisions, he carefully lifts and tightens the skin, loosens muscles and inserts a small implant to hook and lift the skin. He closes the incisions with small sutures. The implant dissolves in approximately nine months and scar tissue forms in its place, holding up the lifted skin and muscles. These modifications should lift your brows a few millimeters — enough to see an improvement, but not overly done.

After healing from surgery, you may discover that you raise your eyebrows far less often. This should reduce the number of dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles caused by repetitive facial muscle movements, on and around your brows and forehead. If excess skin in your brow area was causing “hooding” of your upper eyelids, the removal of the skin should open up your eyes and make them look wider and brighter.

Plan for No Surprises

Your choice of surgeon is the most important variable in determining how satisfied you will be with the final result. Dr. Lee understands how subtle surgical tweaks can reverse the effects of aging and restore a beautiful expression. In plastic surgery, less is often more.

To make a confident choice, and to ensure that the outcome matches your expectations, be sure to review any prospective surgeon’s qualifications, including education, board certification, and how many times the doctor has performed the procedure. It’s also a good idea to check a plastic surgeon’s album of before-and-after photos, and share your goals and any concerns in a personal consultation.

To learn more about brow lift, schedule your appointment with Charles S. Lee, MD by contacting the Beverly Hills office of Enhance® Medical Center today.

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