Clearing Up Myths about Botox & Fillers in Beverly Hills

Botox & filler myths in Beverly Hills

Botox and dermal fillers are very popular injectables that can minimize common signs of aging. The treatment is quick, there is little recovery downtime and the results appear rapidly. But despite these benefits, some people avoid treatment with Botox and fillers because of frequently perpetuated myths.

Read on as Dr. Charles S. Lee and the team at Enhance® Medical Center clear up some of the most common myths about Botox and fillers.

Botox and Fillers Will Make Me Look Frozen

When administered by a qualified injector, Botox and filler results can look extremely natural. The right provider will determine the amount of product needed and where exactly to inject it to create beautiful, natural-looking results. It is very unlikely that you will have a frozen or surprised expression after treatment.

Treatment with Botox and Fillers Hurts

Another common misconception is that because Botox and fillers are administered through a needle, the experience is very painful. An experienced injector knows how to make the injections as minimally painful as possible. For example, the injector can use topical numbing cream or opt for a filler product containing lidocaine for a more comfortable experience. You may feel a tiny prick, but you should not feel a lot of pain.

Botox and Fillers Are the Same Thing

One of the most frequent misconceptions about Botox and fillers is that they are the same type of product. Actually, the products have very different formulations and behave differently:

Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes targeted facial muscles. If the muscles do not contract, wrinkles in the overlying skin become less visible.

Dermal fillers are formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and intended to help add volume, contours and definition. Fillers are often used to help “fill out” larger facial creases and folds.

There Is a Lot of Bruising after Botox or Filler Treatment

You can reduce some of the bruising and swelling from Botox or filler injections by applying cold compresses or products with Arnica montana. Keeping your head elevated can also help minimize these side effects. And, makeup can conceal noticeable bruising and swelling when going to work, school or socializing.

Botox and Fillers Are for Women Only

Botox and fillers are great options for many men who wish to minimize the visible effects of the aging process and look younger and more attractive. The right injector can recommend the product best suited to a man’s particular needs.

Botox and Fillers Are Good Substitutes for Facial Plastic Surgery

Although Botox and fillers are great for wrinkle reduction and adding volume to the face, they are not a universal solution to all age-related concerns. For example, they cannot improve the look of saggy, excess skin — in those cases, surgical correction is usually needed.

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