Comparing Botox and Brow Lift

Brow lift vs. Botox in Beverly Hills, CA

When brows sag with age, your expression can seem less joyful — even sad or angry. Lines and wrinkles begin to form on the forehead and around the eyes. Brow lift surgery restores an alert, engaged appearance to your expression by smoothing out frown lines, creases and wrinkles.

While brow lift permanently tightens and lifts skin, many patients seek the same effect via Botox, a popular temporary solution. Below, experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD compares the options.

Restoring Youth and Optimism

Brow lift permanently raises the brow and smooths wrinkles by surgically tightening and lifting forehead tissues. The surgery has typically been performed with either the conventional incision method or using an endoscope, which requires smaller incisions, leads to less scarring and bruising, and is associated with faster recovery. Brow lift is often done in conjunction with hair transplants, facial fat transfers, eyelid surgery or facelift.

In performing brow lift, skilled Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD takes a comprehensive approach; not simply stretching the skin, but also paying attention to the muscles and ligaments under the skin, and how each surgical change affects overall balance and proportion.

The Injectable Solution

Botox, by contrast, is a controlled toxin that is injected into facial tissue to relax muscles that are forming or sustaining wrinkles. It is quick, convenient and avoids the potential complications of a surgical procedure; however, it must be repeated on a regular basis to keep facial muscles relaxed and prevent lines and furrows from returning.

When Botox is used as an alternative to brow lift, it is injected by the surgeon into the muscles that are pulling down on the brow area. As these muscles relax, they no longer have the strength to continue their tug of war with forehead muscles; this allows the brow to return to a more youthful, natural-looking position for the next three to six months.

The Eye Lift Alternative

Some patients who seek a more modest restoration choose a third option, eye lift or blepharoplasty. Eye lift is a procedure that targets drooping eyelids by removing excess skin, fat and sometimes muscle between the eyebrow and eyelash, but does not change the position of the eyebrow.

If you are satisfied with the shape and placement of your brow, but have loose skin below the brow, an eye lift may be all you need. Brow lift is recommended when your brow is within the eye socket or has lost its natural shape, or if you have a pocket of fat or loose skin that involves more than just the upper eyelid.

To learn more about Botox, brow lift or eye lift, schedule a personal consultation with Charles S. Lee, MD, or contact the Beverly Hills office of Enhance Medical Center today.

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