Dysport and Botox: Understanding the Subtle Differences

Dysport & Botox Treatment in Beverly Hills

Dysport and Botox are both botulinum A neurotoxins that are used to temporarily freeze facial muscles. When the muscles’ movements are restricted, the lines and wrinkles that have formed on the skin have a chance to minimize or fade away.

Because of their similarities, Dysport and Botox are frequently described in an interchangeable manner. However, over many years of providing injectables to satisfied patients, the team at Enhance® Medical Center has found a few key differences between these treatments. By understanding these nuances, our practice can provide some of the best outcomes possible with neurotoxin injectables.

Results Arrive at Different Times

Patients have noticed that the results from Dysport and Botox manifest on different timelines. Dysport often starts working within a day or two, while Botox generally requires a few days before the effects begin to appear. With both injectables, the full results may not be visible for two weeks.

For patients who want results as soon as possible (perhaps they are days away from an important social function), Dysport is the better choice.

Treatment Areas

While Dysport has FDA approval for glabella lines (the vertical frown lines that appear between the eyebrows), Botox is approved for glabella lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet. Most experts consider it safe to use Dysport in these additional areas, but patients should be aware that it is an off-label use.

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Susana Choi, RN, is one of the best respected aestheticians in Beverly Hills. She has spent her career training to expertly inject neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport. Patients who regularly seek injectable treatments trust her advanced techniques and precision. To make an appointment with her and receive her input on whether Botox or Dysport is best for your unique lines, please call (310) 271-5954.

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