How Limited-Incision Facelift Technique Has Changed Facial Rejuvenation

Limited-incision facelift Beverly Hills

Facelift is considered the gold standard plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation, but not everyone needs the full procedure. If aging and skin laxness have more recently started to detract from your overall appearance, you may be a better candidate for limited-incision facelift (aka mini facelift). Charles S. Lee, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Enhance® Medical Center, shares some of the reasons why he recommends limited-incision facelift to his patients.

It Offers Improvement for Moderate Aging

Although the results from limited-incision facelift are technically less dramatic than what you would notice from a traditional facelift, this is by design. This kind of facelift is meant for patients who have mild to moderate signs of aging on the lower half of their face. Many adults do not want to wait until their aging is severe enough to warrant a full facelift, and this less intense surgery is a great solution. During a consultation, Dr. Lee can let you know if aging has progressed to the point where a traditional facelift is the more appropriate treatment.

It Focuses on Jowls

Limited-incision facelift is most efficient at improving the condition of the jawline. As you age, your skin gets looser and starts to sag. This droopy skin rounds out the bottom of your face by causing jowls to form where you used to have a sharper jawline. Adjusting the positioning of the underlying muscles and tissue allows Dr. Lee to achieve a lifting effect without having to pull the skin tight in a way that makes the face look unnatural.

It Has an Easier Recovery

Limited-incision facelift takes approximately 90 minutes to complete — about half as long as the average full facelift surgery. Because it requires fewer and smaller incisions, there is less bruising and swelling and the recovery period is shorter. After limited-incision facelift, you can return to work sooner, which is a perk if you have limited vacation time at your disposal. Although Dr. Lee takes care to conceal scars with each type of facelift he performs, the scars from this procedure should be extra difficult to spot.

Discuss Limited-Incision Facelift with an Expert Surgeon

Dr. Lee is one of the top-rated surgeons in Beverly Hills and has a long track record of performing successful facelift and limited-incision facelift surgeries. If you would like to rejuvenate your face by minimizing the appearance of your jowls, you may be a strong candidate for this type of surgery. To schedule a consultation, please call (310) 271-5954 today.    

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