How Long Will the Results of Facelift Last?

Facelift results

A facelift can take years off your appearance, but you may wonder how many years this effect will last. Trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD discusses what to expect when it comes to facelifts as time passes, and what you can do to extend the results.

Full Facelifts

Most people can expect a full facelift to last at least 15 years. That is a fairly significant portion of anyone’s life, and most individuals do not undergo facelift until they are at least in their 40s or 50s.

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift procedure is not as invasive as a full facelift, but the results also do not last as long. A mini facelift may last up to six years. Much depends on exactly what the patient had done, as the areas treated with a mini facelift vary. Keep in mind that while a mini facelift does not last as long as a full facelift, when your face returns to the way it looked before the procedure you still look six years younger.

Other Factors

Our lives are as individual as our faces. Illness or a great deal of stress affects the body, and that will affect facelift longevity. There are other things you cannot control, including your genetics. Certain hereditary issues may cause a person to age more quickly than others.

How to Maintain Results

How you care for yourself has a big effect on how long your facelift will last. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods and exercising regularly, as well as avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, you can expect the results to last longer than if you do not pay attention to healthy living.

It is also critical to stay out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day, and protect your skin by always wearing sunscreen, sunglasses and brimmed hats when outdoors. Hydration is imperative for skin health, so drink plenty of water daily and always carry it with you. Good skincare is also crucial to keeping your facelift fresh as long as possible; your doctor can advise you on the best routines for your needs.

For More Information, Contact Enhance® Medical Center

If you would like more information about facelift procedures and the best type for your needs, schedule a personal consultation with Charles S. Lee, MD, or contact the Beverly Hills office of Enhance® Medical Center today. The experience of your plastic surgeon plays a role in how long your facelift will last, and Dr. Lee is a leader in his field, having achieved national distinction.

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