Is There a Perfect Age for Facelift?

If you are considering facelift, you may wonder whether there is a perfect age to undergo the procedure to see the maximum benefit. A lot of men and women are concerned about timing the procedure correctly, and frequently bring it up in consultation with Charles S. Lee, MD. In this post, Dr. Lee sets the record straight.

Age Is Not a Determining Factor

When Dr. Lee evaluates you for facelift, he will not consider your age to be a defining factor. People age at different rates, based on genetics and lifestyle factors. The “best” or “right” age to undergo a facelift is very personal. Instead of focusing on your age, Dr. Lee will consider your health, how much facial aging has taken place and what you hope to achieve from surgery.

If you are generally healthy, bothered by noticeable signs of aging and have reasonable expectations of facelift, you are likely a good candidate for facelift, regardless of how old you are.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Facelift

If you are uncertain about your facelift candidacy, you should book a consultation with Dr. Lee to discuss the criteria. In the meantime, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you bothered by noticeable signs of aging?

Do you have deep wrinkles, facial folds or loose skin that cannot be remedied by non-surgical means? Or are you looking for a more dramatic or lasting solution to aging than Botox, fillers, energy-based or laser treatments can provide?

Are you physically ready for facelift?

You will need to disclose your medical history to Dr. Lee during your consultation, and he will advise whether you are healthy enough for facelift. Are there certain health issues that you need to address before having elective cosmetic surgery?

Are you emotionally ready for facelift?

It is helpful to prepare yourself for the surgery, the recovery and the emotions that can arise during the entire experience. You will feel tired, uncomfortable and bruised for at least a few days, and it can take up to a few weeks to feel like yourself again. Do you feel emotionally ready for what is to come?

Do you accept the risk that something could go wrong?

When performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, facelift is a safe procedure. However, any surgery carries some degree of risk. You should understand and accept the risk that something could go wrong during or after facelift.

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