Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift: How These Procedures Improve Your Body Shape

Some women are naturally blessed with an hourglass figure, while others struggle with flat buttocks and an imbalanced shape. How your body stores fat may cause the “wrong” areas to look fuller, such as the arms, abdomen, or thighs, while body parts you wish were more voluminous (buttocks or breasts) remain shapeless. Brazilian butt lift addresses both issues at once with liposuction to harvest fat cells that are purified and reintroduced into the buttocks. Charles S. Lee, MD, offers Brazilian butt lift in Beverly Hills at Enhance® Medical Center. 

Liposuction Slims Down Stubborn Areas for Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the benefits of buttock augmentation with fat grafting is its ability to slim down a troublesome area of the patient’s choosing (if there is enough fat to harvest). Most patients have regions where they struggle to lose weight with diet and exercise. The abdomen, “love handles,” and thighs are known for holding onto fat, especially in women, and these are popular areas for fat transfer procedures. 

The first step of Brazilian butt lift is to harvest fat from another body area. Dr. Lee uses tumescent liposuction to remove the fat cells. This technique injects a solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine into the treated area, and the tumescent fluid helps numb the tissues and break apart the fat cells for easier removal.

Harvested Fat Cells Increase Buttock Size and Shape

Brazilian butt lift increases the size of your buttocks and provides more projection for a fuller body contour. Whether you have naturally small buttocks, or your backside has lost volume with age or childbearing, the procedure uses your fatty tissues to improve your buttocks. Dr. Lee customizes the Brazilian butt lift to fit your unique needs and expertly injects the purified fat cells into precise areas for fuller buttocks that improve your overall figure.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is safe and effective with a board-certified plastic surgeon, but an inexperienced and untrained surgeon will increase the risk of complications. Make sure you choose a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Lee, for your Brazilian butt lift.

Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift Provide a Balanced Figure and Increase Confidence

The combination of liposuction and buttock augmentation can drastically improve your body contour. Slimming down problem areas to increase buttock size provides a proportionate body shape. Women enjoy a more hourglass figure with the dual benefits of fat removal and fuller buttocks, and Brazilian butt lift helps you feel more comfortable in your body, increasing your self-confidence. You may wear more form-fitting clothing or revealing swimwear with a body shape you’re proud to show off at the beach and in your everyday life.

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