Minimizing Signs of Aging with Botox and Fillers

Botox and fillers are considered to be indispensable treatments by nearly every plastic surgery practice and medical spa. The treatments can be administered in the office in less than an hour, do not require lengthy downtime and deliver quick results that are noticeable almost immediately. In this post, Dr. Charles S. Lee of Enhance® Medical Center delves deeper into how exactly Botox and fillers can help you look younger and more attractive.

Understanding the Role of Botox

Botox is a cosmetic injectable designed to relax dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles caused by repeated facial muscle contractions. Botox is perfect for lines that develop around the eyes and forehead from frowning, squinting or even smiling.

Once injected into wrinkles or lines, Botox temporarily relaxes the underlying facial muscles. The offending wrinkle or line visibly smoothes, and the skin looks tighter and firmer.

Botox is most commonly used to treat crow’s feet at the edges of the eyes and furrows between the eyebrows or across the forehead. Some plastic surgeons, including Dr. Lee, also use Botox for other applications, such as relaxing overactive jaw muscles to relieve TMJ pain or reducing the occurrence of migraines.

The effects of Botox appear quickly and last for approximately three to six months. Repeat treatment is required to maintain the effects.

Another product that is very similar to Botox is called Dysport.

Understanding the Role of Dermal Fillers

Like Botox, dermal fillers are injected into the face to minimize signs of aging. But Botox and dermal fillers behave very differently. Dermal fillers provide fullness or cushioning to areas of the face that have lost youthful volume. They are often used to fill in facial creases or folds around the nose and mouth, and to plump up features like the lips, cheeks or temples that have thinned or hollowed with age.

Dr. Lee uses a variety of fillers that are formulated with different ingredients to achieve different purposes. A commonly used “family” of fillers are the Juvederm products, which are formulated with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that attracts and holds moisture.

The results of treatment with dermal fillers appear quickly and last anywhere from three months to a year (depending on the specific product). Fillers can be used in tandem with Botox or even surgical procedures like facelift for transformative anti-aging results.

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