Taking Care of Your Skin after a Laser Treatment

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Beverly Hills

Post-laser treatment protocols can vary slightly, depending on the specific type of laser and procedure as well as your skin type. By following your specific instructions from the Enhance® Medical Center team and taking a few general precautions, you can help your skin heal quickly from laser treatment and achieve the best results.

Take a moment to learn some universal post-laser treatment tips from Dr. Charles S. Lee and the rest of the skin care experts at Enhance® Medical Center.

Be Gentle with Your Healing Skin

As your skin recovers from treatment, it will need some extra TLC. Refrain from washing with hot water or rubbing vigorously with a towel or washcloth. Speaking of linens, only use clean towels and washcloths to avoid subjecting your vulnerable skin to bacteria.

Use Only Doctor-approved Products

The days following your laser treatment are not a suitable time to try out a brand new, complicated product routine. Your skin is fresh and delicate, and should only be subjected to gentle, doctor-approved products like a mild cleanser and moisturizer. Our skin care experts may also recommend applying ointment or petroleum jelly products such as Vaseline or Aquaphor to the skin.

Steer clear of anything that contains fragrances, retinol or other strong ingredients. Makeup is also generally off-limits in the days immediately following laser treatment.

Soothe Irritation with Cold Compresses

Swelling and redness are to be expected after certain laser treatments. To quell the irritation, you may apply cold compresses or ice packs (wrapped in a clean towel). The cold temperatures will feel good against your skin and help minimize some of the swelling and redness.

Protect Skin from the Sun

The sun’s UV rays are damaging to healthy skin and even more so to healing, vulnerable skin. Minimize the time you spend outside in direct sunlight, and try to stay in shaded areas whenever possible. Apply sunscreen and wear a hat if you know you will be outdoors. If you need recommendations for safe sunscreens, our team is happy to help.

Refrain from Picking

You may notice light peeling or scabbing in the treated areas as the new skin cells develop. Although tempting, refrain from picking at your skin, which will only interfere with the healing process.

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Our skin care experts are happy to answer questions about the post-laser treatment protocol and provide suggestions to make the process more comfortable. Contact us today by phone or email to learn more.

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