The Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting vs. liposuction in Beverly Hills, CA

CoolSculpting is a convenient new alternative to liposuction that locks fat cells into a permanent deep freeze. The technique requires no incisions, no anesthesia and no invasive surgical instruments. Instead, it’s all about pinching, chilling and massaging the fat away.

Below, trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD reviews the ultra-cool benefits of this remarkable new body-slimming option.

Celsius vs. Centimeters

CoolSculpting targets that extra body fat that gives your profile a lumpen appearance — the so-called “pinchable” fat. The fat cells in these pockets are essentially frozen by the CoolSculpting instrument. Then, over the next few weeks and months, your body will absorb and eliminate these crystalized cells.

This is one of the advantages CoolSculpting has over other procedures, such as liposuction. The gradual reduction of fat in targeted areas allows your skin to progressively shrink to cover your new profile. And it also allows time for your body to produce more collagen, a process triggered by CoolSculpting’s freezing. It is collagen that will add firmness and flexibility to your skin, providing your new profile with a youthful look and feel.

CoolSculpting is ideal for those loose, pinchable areas under the surface of your skin. Deeper body fat cannot be reached by the CoolSculpting process. Many patients report a fat reduction of approximately 25 percent per treatment in the targeted areas. Although a single treatment can sometimes yield these impressive results, patients often choose one or more follow-up procedures to improve the areas by an additional 20 to 25 percent each session.

Dawn of the Ice Age

The procedure is simple and convenient, and is performed in our office in less than an hour. It requires no special planning; no need to clear your work schedule or arrange for someone to drive you home. There’s no anesthesia needed, as you will feel only minor tingling or numbness as the CoolSculpting instrument treats one of your pinchable pockets of fat. Patients describe the feeling as similar to the application of an ice pack.

Once the cells have been frozen, the process becomes positively calming. The pockets are massaged to slowly bring the treated areas up to body temperature. 

These cells do not grow back, although poor dietary and lifestyle habits are likely to create new ones as your body stores excess calories. Because the CoolSculpting procedure targets inches, not weight, targeted areas should retain their new, slimmed-down shape even when moderate weight gain occurs.

To learn more about CoolSculpting, schedule a personal consultation with Charles S. Lee, MD, or contact the Beverly Hills office of Enhance Medical Center today.

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