What Is the Best Way to Treat Acne Scars?

Acne treatment Beverly Hills, CA

What makes acne extra annoying is that even when it clears up, it can still leave behind blemishes on the skin. Acne scars form due to inflamed acne. While shallow acne scars tend to clear up with time, deeper scars can be permanent.

Fortunately, people who want smooth skin without pock marks have options. Dr. Charles S. Lee and the team at Enhance® Medical Center offer a few non-surgical treatments that can tackle acne scars while simultaneously rejuvenating the skin, such as:

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing uses laser heat to remove the top layers of damaged skin. Within a couple weeks, a new layer of skin that is smoother, tighter and healthier emerges. While some redness may persist on the skin, patients can resume most normal activities as soon as they leave the office. Unlike comparable skin procedures, laser skin resurfacing is safe for patients with darker complexions.

Laser treatments can improve acne scars in multiple ways. Firstly, the laser breaks up the scar tissue. Secondly, the healthy skin cells that generate replace the existing scar tissue. Even if the acne scars do not vanish completely, their visibility decreases following this treatment. 

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels use safe chemical solutions to remove the outermost layers of skin. In the days to follow, a new, healthier layer of skin regenerates in its place. This new layer generally no longer shows the acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines and uneven pigmentation that existed prior to the treatment.

At Enhance® Medical Center, patients can choose between different strengths of chemical peels, from light to deep. Light peels are gentler in nature and tackle superficial problems, while deep peels require more downtime but can address deeper-set wrinkles and more serious imperfections.

To treat acne scars specifically, our aesthetician recommends a medium peel. Medium peels utilize glycolic or trichloroacetic acid.


Microneedling is a procedure that pricks the patient’s skin to make a series of punctures. Do not fret: these tiny wounds are unharmful and do not cause lasting damage. Instead, they prompt the body to generate new collagen which improves the condition of the skin.

Enhance® Medical Center offers Vivace, a special kind of treatment that combines traditional microneedling with radiofrequency energy. Not only do the needle punctures trigger collagen production, but also the radiofrequency energy heats the skin to create additional collagen and elastin. As a result, the treated area looks younger and firmer.

In addition to minimizing the appearance of acne scars, Vivace also conceals wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. 

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