Top Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills

Top Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty is one of the most customizable plastic surgery procedures available. Some patients seek rhinoplasty to make cosmetic adjustments to their noses, while others are focused on improving the breathing capabilities of their noses. Many people will take advantage of the opportunity to address cosmetic and functionality issues simultaneously with a single surgery. Enhance Medical Center provides patients with top-quality nose surgery, whether the goals are aesthetic or medical in nature.

Will Insurance Cover My Rhinoplasty?

Are you interested in undergoing rhinoplasty and wondering whether insurance will pay for it? In some cases, PPO health insurance covers surgery to correct breathing issues related to a compromised airway.

Symptoms that suggest you could have a chronically blocked airway include repeated sinus infections, limited tolerance for exercise due to impaired breathing, and repeated nosebleeds. You may have tried antibiotics and/or steroid nasal sprays but not found either to be successful at improving your breathing.

The most common cause of an airway obstruction is a deviated septum, which is the central structure of the nose separating the right and left airways. Another cause of airway obstruction is a collapse of the sidewalls of the nose, either at the entrance (i.e., the nostrils) or in the middle portion of the nose. This will be most evident when taking a deep breath inward.

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Ptosis correction and nasal airway repair. Both procedures were deemed medically necessary and covered by insurance.

Cosmetic changes that rhinoplasty can achieve include changing the size of the bridge of the nose, altering the projection of the nasal tip, removing a bump on the nose, restoring symmetry to the nose and reshaping the nostrils. While these aesthetic improvements can dramatically improve your appearance, they are not adjustments that are covered by health insurance. When undergoing rhinoplasty to improve the overall appearance of the nose, the foundation of the nose must be straightened out. This portion of the procedure, which could include straightening a deviated septum or reinforcing the sidewalls of the nose (i.e., correcting an internal and/or external valve collapse), can sometimes be covered by insurance.


If you are considering rhinoplasty to correct a functional problem, the team at Enhance® Medical Center will do everything we can to get insurance to cover your procedure, either in full or in part. Every insurance provider has its own parameters and set of criteria that must be met to allow for coverage. In most cases, a history and physical exam is sufficient to document a compromised nasal airway. In some cases, a CT scan will be required.

Meet Dr. Charles S. Lee

Rhinoplasty is a highly technical, complicated procedure that should be entrusted to the most gifted surgeons. Dr. Lee is highly sought after throughout Beverly Hills and beyond for his rhinoplasty expertise. Trained in the most advanced techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Lee has the experience needed to deliver extraordinary outcomes. His passion for rhinoplasty is evident in every case and reiterated in his patients’ grateful reviews. Dr. Lee and his team share a common goal of making every patient’s experience safe, successful and comfortable.

“Dr. Lee is awesome and like a sculptor creates great looking noses. I was so pleased with his septoplasty/rhinoplasty work in mid Sept that I recommended my daughter get septoplasty/rhinoplasty on the Thanksgiving week. He took a lot of time with my daughter to explain the procedures before, follow-up next day and a few days later when suture was removed. He has great and friendly staff whether it be nurses and office staff.

Experience counts and so do how many procedures surgeon has done. Well he literally perfected the hard-to-do nose job with cartilage harvested from rib. He spends much time giving customers the best looking nose especially the tip like an artist!

There was NO swelling, bruising and little pain – a true testament to his surgery skills. The best part is that both I and my daughter breathe better thanks to Dr. Lee being ENT specialist, and our insurance (YMMV) covered for the nose jobs.

You have a choice when it comes to picking the right plastic surgeon and I can tell you that you can’t go wrong with Dr. Lee. BTW – it’s your face and hard to believe some people price shop rather than see the BEST surgeon hands down.

PS – go to Dr. Lee’s Instagram for daily updates to the surgeries he has performed with pics.”

Dr. Lee would be happy to discuss your rhinoplasty options during a one-on-one consultation. You will leave your appointment with the information you need to make an empowered decision about your treatment. Call (310) 271-5954 or email our office today.