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Over time, the aging process and sun exposure can cause the skin on the forehead to droop and develop creases. Brow lift is a popular, customizable surgery that rejuvenates the forehead. By tightening the skin and musculature at the top of the face, brow lift smooths the skin, minimizes lines and lifts the eyebrows so that they have a higher arch. Dr. Charles S. Lee, an accomplished and board-certified plastic surgeon, performs traditional, endoscopic and temporal brow lift at Enhance® Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California.

Benefits of Brow Lift

Reducing unwanted lines

As skin loses volume with age, the lines that form on the face from facial expressions become semi-permanent indentations in the skin. Fortunately, brow lift can diminish if not outright eliminate the horizontal lines across the forehead, as well as the vertical frown lines that appear between the eyebrows.

Raising the eyebrows

Youthful eyebrows sit higher on the forehead. Unfortunately, as forehead skin sags, the brows sink lower on the face, losing their arches. This surgery lifts the eyebrows to achieve an elevated, rounder appearance.

Improving upper eyelid sag

The weight from excess skin and fat on the forehead can push down on the upper eyelids, preventing them from opening fully. Although blepharoplasty remains the best way to improve drooping eyelids specifically, brow lift can play a big role in showing more of the eyeball.

Boosting others’ perception of you

Beyond making a patient look younger, brow lift can also alter the way other people perceive the patient. Because forehead lines are most closely linked to angry or frustrated expressions, when those lines remain on the face indefinitely, people unconsciously view that face as being less happy or friendly. However, once these lines are reduced, patients can better project their true emotions.

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Types of Brow Lift

Traditional brow lift

Classic brow lift is a surgery with long incisions that are placed along the hairline where scarring is more easily concealed. Through these incisions, Dr. Lee can remove loose skin while tightening and adjusting the position of fat, muscles and tissues. This surgery produces the most dramatic transformation of all the brow lift types and is recommended for patients with more severe signs of aging.

Endoscopic brow lift

Endoscopic brow lift is a less invasive surgery that makes tiny incisions along or inside the hairline. Through these incisions, Dr. Lee uses fiberoptic technology to manipulate tissues in the forehead without the need for excising and tightening the skin. Because this variation of brow lift is so much easier than traditional brow lift from a patient’s perspective, it has become the preferred choice for most patients.

Temporal brow lift

Temporal brow lift is another less invasive procedure, this one focusing exclusively on the outermost portions of the forehead. Since that is where most signs of aging first appear on the face, temporal brow lift is a good solution for patients who wish to address early sagging and wrinkles well before full surgery becomes appropriate.

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Brow Lift Recovery and Results

Less invasive surgeries like endoscopic and temporal brow lift boast easier recovery periods, with most patients feeling well enough to resume normal activities like work in under one week. The recovery for traditional brow lift is generally between 10 and 14 days.

The duration of the results also depends on the invasiveness of the surgery. Traditional brow lift patients enjoy their results for about one decade before the aging process undoes the results. Endoscopic brow lift lasts five to eight years, while temporal brow lifts are visible for three to five years.  

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Brow Lift Costs

Since brow lift is customized to the needs of each patient, the price for this surgery varies. After listening to the patient’s cosmetic goals and determining the appropriate techniques to achieve these changes, Dr. Lee can provide a complete quote. While insurance does not cover brow lift, many patients qualify for financing.

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Brow Lift FAQ's

How can a brow lift benefit me?

A brow lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that can raise the eyebrows to a more aesthetically pleasing position while reducing the appearance of forehead wrinkles and drooping skin that can make a person look angry, sad, or tired. Dr. Lee leverages his expertise to restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance to your forehead and eye area, potentially boosting your self-confidence.

Who is an ideal candidate for a brow lift?

Those with sagging brows or deep furrows between the eyes could benefit greatly from this procedure. Individuals who are in good general health, do not smoke, and have realistic expectations are generally good candidates for brow lift surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will assess your facial structure and skin quality to determine if this procedure is suitable for you.

What does the brow lift procedure involve?

The brow lift procedure can vary depending on the specific technique that is used based on your desired outcomes and anatomy. Generally, it involves making small incisions hidden within the hairline. Through these incisions, Dr. Lee will carefully lift and reposition the skin and underlying tissues to create a smoother, more youthful contour. The entire process typically takes one to two hours under anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

What can I expect during the recovery period?

Dr. Lee will provide comprehensive post-operative care instructions and recommend over-the-counter pain relief or prescribe medication to manage discomfort. After surgery, swelling and bruising are common; however, this improves after a few weeks. Many patients are able to resume their normal activities within 10-14 days, though strenuous exercise should be avoided until cleared by Dr. Lee.

How long do the results of a brow lift last?

A brow lift is a permanent procedure with long-lasting results. However, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and skincare regimen to prolong the effects. Aging and gravity will eventually alter the appearance over time, but patients usually enjoy a more youthful and rejuvenated look well into the future.

Are there risks associated with brow lift surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved with a brow lift, including but not limited to infection, bleeding, and changes in sensation. Dr. Lee adheres to the highest safety standards to minimize these risks. During your consultation at Enhance® Medical Center, Dr. Lee will discuss all potential risks and how they are mitigated.

How do I know if a brow lift is right for me?

Determining whether a brow lift is the right choice involves a personal consultation at Enhance® Plastic Surgery®. Dr. Lee will conduct a thorough examination of your facial structure, during which you will have the chance to discuss any questions you may have about brow lift surgery. Dr. Lee will then determine if this procedure is the most appropriate and safe option for you.

For more detailed information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee, please use our convenient contact form on the website or contact our practice directly. We are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with care and precision.

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