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ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills, CA

What is ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment?

The size, laxity, and shape of the labia and vagina can change significantly as a result of childbirth, aging and other events. ThermiVa is an innovative, painless treatment that uses the latest in radiofrequency therapy to soften, smooth and tighten these areas. Regain confidence in your body and pleasure for both you and your partner without invasive surgery.

How Does ThermiVa Work?

ThermiVa delivers controlled thermal energy to the labia or vaginal area using the same anti-aging technology that has been used for years in ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth. A thin, single-use handheld, S-shaped wand applies temperature-controlled radiofrequency therapy. The treatment is quick, and many women report no discomfort so that they can return to normal activity and sexual function the same day.

How Long Does ThermiVa Take?

For most women, treatment with ThermiVa involves three sessions over the course of three months. Though you should see results immediately following the first treatment, we also encourage patients to come back for additional treatments after a 12-month period. The results are known to last for about a year, so it would be a good option to come back for additional treatments to maintain optimal results.

What Concerns Can ThermiVa Treat?

ThermiVa treats excessive relaxation of the vaginal muscles, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, sagging of the vaginal lips, and decreased sensitivity. ThermiVa’s radiofrequency therapy has a well-known ability to improve the skin’s cellular structure while renewing damaged tissue. ThermiVa can also greatly improve orgasmic sensitivity.

How Does ThermiVa Differ from Labiaplasty?

ThermiVa and labiaplasty are both designed to improve the aesthetics of the vagina, but the procedures differ in a few key ways.

ThermiVa is non-surgical, requires no downtime, and can tighten both the labia and the vaginal muscles. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure, requires a week of recovery downtime and permanently changes the shape of the labia.

We usually recommend ThermiVa when the patient needs mild to moderate improvement to both vaginal aesthetics and tightness. Labiaplasty is more suited to patients who need dramatic aesthetic results.

Who Is A Candidate For ThermiVa?

Ideal candidates for ThermiVa are women who are unhappy with the look and feel of their labia due to:

Genetics. Some women naturally have more excess labial skin and tissue than others. These women often report feeling self-conscious about their labia since puberty and avoiding wearing tight-fitting clothing, including bathing suits. They may also experience physical discomfort in the form of chafing, rashes and irritation due to folds of skin and tissue rubbing against each other.

Natural childbirth. Women that have had multiple natural childbirths tend to have stretched skin and tissue in the inner and outer labia. After pregnancy, some women experience urinary incontinence, which can sometimes be caused by lax vaginal muscles. By tightening the vaginal muscles, ThermiVa can improve symptoms of urinary incontinence. Treatment with ThermiVa is safe six weeks after natural childbirth.

Aging. Over time, the body produces less collagen and elastin, two proteins that are responsible for the skin’s firm and youthful quality. This causes the tissue and skin in the outer and inner labia to stretch and sag.

Candidacy for ThermiVa is determined on a case-by-case basis. Our team will meet with you to evaluate your aesthetic needs and goals. Depending on your desired outcome, we may recommend treatment with ThermiVa or an alternative procedure.

What Should I Expect After Treatment?

One of the most appealing aspects of ThermiVa is that it does not require a recovery period or downtime. Patients are able to return to work and resume other normal activities immediately after ThermiVa. Sexual intercourse is also safe right after treatment.

Results with ThermiVa can be seen a few weeks after treatment. Patients report an improvement in tightness of the inner and outer walls of the vagina. Many patients also report an increased libido and heightened sensation during sexual intercourse. Other physical activities, like riding a bicycle or running, are no longer uncomfortable due to folds of skin rubbing together. Women also report experiencing a boost in self-confidence. They are no longer self-conscious about the appearance of their labia during intimate situations, wearing bikinis or other form-fitting clothing. All of these benefits result in an improvement in quality of life for women.

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