How to Improve the Appearance of Pesky Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines Treatment

Marionette lines are a very common sign of aging, and one that we treat often at Enhance® Medical Center. The vertical wrinkles and folds form below the corners of the mouth, extending down to the chin. These furrows or grooves create an expression that looks perpetually sad or angry, even when the face is at rest.

Although marionette lines are sometimes referred to as “laugh lines,” they are not caused by laughing. They are the result of the natural aging process. Over time, the body’s supply of collagen and hyaluronic acid dwindles, which causes the skin to lose its firm, elastic quality. Age-related loss of volume and moisture can accentuate the sagging around the mouth and chin. Sometimes genetic factors can play a role in the development of marionette lines, too.

Although there is no way to completely avoid marionette lines, Dr. Charles S. Lee and our team have plenty of ways to minimize their appearance.

Dermal Fillers

A quick and non-surgical way to minimize the appearance of marionette lines is with injections of dermal fillers. There are a variety of products that our team can use, including Juvederm, to add volume to the corners of the mouth and chin, giving the skin a smoother and more evenly textured appearance. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers in particular draw and retain moisture to the area, which can have a plumping effect on the skin.

Although injectable fillers deliver excellent results, regular touch-up treatments are needed to maintain the effects.


Deep, prominent marionette lines may require surgical correction with facelift. During a facelift procedure, Dr. Lee lifts and tightens the deep facial tissues, muscles and skin to create more youthful, attractive contours and a pleasant expression. Unlike dermal fillers, the results of facelift last indefinitely.

Selecting the Right Option for You

The best treatment to soften marionette lines varies by individual.

During a private consultation, Dr. Lee can examine your marionette lines and outline the recommended treatment options. He can give you a realistic idea of the expected degree of improvement. Together, you can select the treatment option that suits your needs and goals.

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