Learn about Thread Lift, a Popular Facelift Alternative

Thread lift Beverly Hills, CA

When it comes to addressing loose skin on the face, facelift is the first option most people consider. This surgery has been the standard procedure for rejuvenating the lower face. However, a growing number of patients are learning that surgery may not be necessary to improve sagging skin in this area.

Thread lift is an FDA-approved treatment that gently pulls the skin so that it looks youthful — and it does so without the need for incisions. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Charles S. Lee explains why thread lift is a hit with his patients.

What Does Thread Lift Do Differently?

Facelift surgery rejuvenates the face by removing lax skin and pulling the remaining skin tighter. Thread lift takes a milder approach: Dr. Lee stitches portions of the face with a medical grade “contour” thread. Once tightened, this thread slightly tugs at the skin to achieve a lifted appearance. Over time, the thread disintegrates, so it is not necessary to remove it.

Receiving sutures beneath the skin also triggers collagen production in the body. This extra collagen helps to improve the elasticity of the facial skin, which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Advantages of Thread Lift

To start, the recovery period associated with thread lift is far less significant. Whereas facelift patients often take up to two weeks off from work following their surgeries, many thread lift patients head straight back to work as soon as the procedure is done. They can also drive themselves home and handle everyday activities, while facelift patients generally need someone to look out for them for the first few days.

Because of thread lift’s less invasive nature, the complication rates are much lower, with few patients seeing bruising, bleeding or scarring. Some patients experience redness and soreness, but these side effects are minimal and temporary.

Reasons Some Patients Still Choose Facelift

While many patients prefer the simplicity afforded by thread lift, some still choose to have traditional facelift instead. The bottom line is that surgery produces more dramatic and longer-lasting results. Patients who have more severe signs of aging or who want a procedure that will last for upwards of a decade generally opt for facelift. Thread lift patients see subtler changes, with the results lasting up to two years.  

Speak to the Experts about Thread Lift

Thread lift is a reliable procedure for improving the appearance of jowls and sunken cheeks. If you have early signs of aging that you would like to reverse without surgery, make an appointment at Enhance® Medical Center with premier plastic surgeon Dr. Lee by calling (310) 271-5954.

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