“Lunch Hour” Cosmetic Treatments: These Quick Procedures Can Help You Achieve Stunning Results

Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatments

Nonsurgical cosmetic treatments offer a variety of benefits, including transformative results. However, many patients are taking advantage of the fact that these quick procedures are associated with little to no downtime. In fact, certain cosmetic treatments have been categorized as “lunch hour” procedures, which can essentially be completed in under an hour, or during a typical lunch break, before jumping right back into your normal activities. With advanced technologies and techniques, there are more lunch hour procedures now than ever before, leaving patients with a range of options. Charles S. Lee, MD is ready to help you achieve your cosmetic goals with safe and effective nonsurgical cosmetic treatments at Enhance® Plastic Surgery®. Here is a look at some of our offerings.


Skin sagging, especially on the face and neck, is a common sign of aging and many patients seek out treatments to address this concern. If you have been impressed by the results of facelifts but do not want to undergo surgery, consider Ultherapy. This FDA-cleared procedure can lift the neck, chin, and brow, rejuvenating these areas for a more youthful look. The treatment uses microfocused ultrasound to deliver a tightening effect within the skin, can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, and requires no downtime.


Refined skin is a key indicator of youthfulness, but many patients suffer from discoloration, enlarged pores, redness, and other skin concerns that can detract from their appearance. Syltfirm is an advanced microneedling treatment designed to treat these issues and more, leaving patients with an even complexion. Patients who choose Sylfirm can expect improved wrinkles, diminished acne scars, reduced redness, minimized pores, and lifted skin, all in a convenient procedure.


With time, skin loses its suppleness and elasticity due to a reduction in the natural production of collagen. This results in stubborn wrinkles that can make you appear older than you are. Injectables target areas of the face that are affected by aging, such as the forehead, to significantly improve the appearance of creases and lines. Injections can be administered in only a few minutes, and the entire treatment can be completed in 30 minutes or less. There are many types of injectables available at Enhance® Plastic Surgery® to address a variety of concerns.

IPL PhotoFacial Treatment

Age spots and sun damage can accumulate over the years, leaving you with a whithered appearance. IPL PhotoFacials can successfully combat these signs of aging in a safe and effective procedure. The treatment works by delivering intense pulses of light deep into the layers of the skin for a renewing effect that helps your skin look its best.

Renew Your Skin in No Time

Take advantage of your lunch hour with the effective treatments available at Enhance® Plastic Surgery®. To schedule your next appointment, contact our office or schedule your consultation online.

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