Non-surgical Treatments in Beverly Hills

Essential Cosmetic Procedures for Brides-To-Be

As wedding season approaches, excited brides-to-be everywhere are planning for their special day. Every detail surrounding your wedding is important, especially your appearance. While skincare, hair, and makeup are important aspects of the traditional bride aesthetic, many are turning to cosmetic procedures for noticeable yet natural-looking improvements. The team at Enhance® Plastic Surgery® is passionate […]

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Nonsurgical treatments in Beverly Hills

Nonsurgical Procedures That Complement Facelift Results

Undergoing a facelift is a significant decision that yields beautiful and dramatic results. However, some patients find that they want to boost or prolong their results. At Enhance® Plastic Surgery® in Beverly Hills, Charles S. Lee, MD offers a variety of effective, customizable cosmetic treatments that are designed to rejuvenate the skin and improve the […]

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Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatments

“Lunch Hour” Cosmetic Treatments: These Quick Procedures Can Help You Achieve Stunning Results

Nonsurgical cosmetic treatments offer a variety of benefits, including transformative results. However, many patients are taking advantage of the fact that these quick procedures are associated with little to no downtime. In fact, certain cosmetic treatments have been categorized as “lunch hour” procedures, which can essentially be completed in under an hour, or during a […]

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