Ways to Minimize Surgical Scarring

Surgical scarring

Scarring is a side effect of any surgical procedure, but there are various ways to make such scars virtually unnoticeable. Below trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD discusses ways to minimize scarring, which starts with your choice of doctor. 

The Right Surgeon  

Choosing the right surgeon is perhaps the biggest factor in how your scar will eventually appear. Look for an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Such surgeons know the best way to create incisions that will heal with minimal scarring, or hide the incisions in body folds or the hairline so they are undetectable.  The right incision placement is key to keep scar appearance minimized. Your surgeon will also give you precise aftercare instructions for scar minimization. 

Scar Minimizing Treatments

The advice provided by your surgeon will include scar minimization treatments. Such treatments may consist of products designed specifically to allow the skin to heal with less visible marks. These therapies keep the scar tissue moist and supple, promoting healthy recovery. Silicone tape or sheets placed over the incision can prevent scar raising. Just cut the sheets or tape to the appropriate size. 

Other treatments include scar massage, which you can start once the incision has healed to a certain degree. While it may take several months of daily massage to see a difference, that day will come. 

Stay Out of the Sun

Sun exposure can exacerbate scarring, so make sure to either keep the area covered when out in the sun or use plenty of sunscreen for protection. That is true even if your scars appear to have healed, since the UV rays in sunshine can cause darkening. 

Avoid Scar Tension  

Giving yourself adequate time to recuperate and taking it easy is critical for scar reduction. That means you may not prove able to exercise or indulge in other strenuous activities for a few months after surgery, but too much tension in an area with an incision makes scarring worse. 

Laser Treatment for Raised Scars 

If a scar is raised more than you would like, laser treatment can reduce its size. Generally, a series of laser treatments is necessary to achieve the desired results. Another option for treating raised scars is steroid injections directly into them, making them appear softer and lower. 

For More Information, Contact Enhance® Medical Center 

If you would like more information about how to reduce scarring after your surgery, schedule a personal consultation with Charles S. Lee, MD, or contact the Beverly Hills office of Enhance® Medical Center today. 

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