Why Autumn and Winter Are the Best Times to Have Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

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Laser skin resurfacing treatments are well-known for their skin rejuvenating abilities. Charles S. Lee, MD is eager to help his patients achieve optimal results from laser treatments, and his patients usually enjoy smooth, clear complexions, free from various skin imperfections. While it is possible for laser skin treatments to be performed year-round, the cooler months offer additional advantages to patients seeking this treatment.

Sun Exposure

Among the many reasons fall and winter are recommended as the ideal seasons for laser treatments is the reduced sun exposure. Laser skin resurfacing treatments can make the skin even more sensitive to the sun. In fact, unprotected sun exposure is already damaging to the skin, but for skin that has recently been treated with a laser, the sun’s rays can cause hyperpigmentation. In fall and winter, the days are short, meaning you have a greater chance of avoiding damaging sun rays.

Skin Protection

Additionally, those who spend time outdoors when the weather is cooler typically do so under layers of clothing. Long sleeve shirts, full-length pants, and protective jackets serve as extra protection from the sun. Likewise, thick scarves and hats can effectively conceal the initial swelling and redness that results from laser skin resurfacing treatments. Patients who are healing from laser skin treatments may feel more comfortable running errands and engaging in their normal activities while covered up.

Time for Healing

Toward the end of the year, many individuals tend to take vacations from work, and those in school are usually on break during the holiday season. This provides a great opportunity to get laser skin treatments without the added stress of their daily routines. This extended period allows for a smooth recovery.

Multiple Treatment Sessions

Many patients require more than one treatment session to achieve optimal results. Getting started in autumn and winter allows patients to receive their recommended course of treatments so that their skin is ready in time for the warmer months.

Year-Round Skin Rejuvenation

Regardless of the time of year you choose to improve your skin, you still need to protect your skin from the elements, including the sun, wind, and drying heat from sources such as fireplaces and heating units. Ensure you are applying a quality sunscreen to shield your skin and consider limiting your time outdoors during your recovery period.

Laser Skin Treatments in Beverly Hills

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