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Tightening Neck Skin Without Needing Surgery

One of the first areas on the body to show significant signs of aging is the neck. Even with a good skin care routine, the skin around the neck can gradually become looser, ruining the neck’s contours and sometimes creating a turkey-like wattle. At Enhance® Medical Center, our world-class team led by Charles S. Lee, […]

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Skin Tightening Procedure Los Angeles

Ultherapy: When It Makes Sense to Try This Rejuvenating Procedure

Ultherapy has been gaining in popularity across the country, a trend we see mirrored here at Enhance® Medical Center in Beverly Hills. Our patients are excited to have a non-surgical skin tightening procedure designed to reduce signs of aging. Since so many people have asked us whether they are the right age to try Ultherapy, […]

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Skin tightening Beverly Hills, CA

Ways to Achieve a Smoother, Younger Neck

One of the first places on the body to show significant signs of aging is the neck. The skin sags, fat deposits sink down from the face and vertical muscle bands become more prominent. At Enhance® Medical Center, we see many patients who would like to rejuvenate their neck. Fortunately, we offer several procedures that […]

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How to Get Your Best Neck Yet

At Enhance® Medical Center, Charles S. Lee, MD and our team see quite a few patients focused on improving the appearance of an aged, lax neck. Could the rise in neck-related inquiries be linked to “Tech Neck” – i.e.,  the physical effects of constantly looking down at a smartphone? Or is our propensity for selfies […]

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