Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having Breast Augmentation

If you decide to open up to others about your decision to get breast augmentation, you are likely to be inundated with information and personal anecdotes. Suddenly, every friend, coworker or acquaintance with implants is eager to share their experiences with you and give you advice as you prepare for your procedure. Although this advice […]

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Breast Surgery Options in Beverly Hills

Choosing the Breast Procedure That Is Right for You

There are many options available to women who seek a change in the shape, volume or elevation of the breasts, and just as many reasons why patients choose a particular breast procedure. For many women, the choice is based on aesthetic preference. Other times, comfort, medical necessity or a disappointing initial surgery motivates the decision. […]

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Breast Explant in Beverly Hills

What to Do When Breast Implants Rupture

When breast implants drift, lose integrity or become visible on the surface of the skin, women typically choose breast explant surgery to remove or swap implants. When an implant ruptures, time is of the essence, and that is when patients schedule an immediate appointment with experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Charles S. Lee, MD. He […]

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