Neck Lift

Neck lift in Beverly Hills

Adding Neck Lift to Facelift

Patients who are very happy with the results of facelift sometimes begin to notice the discordant state of their neck skin. While the face projects an image of youthfulness and vitality, your neck may be revealing your true age. Loose, wrinkled neck skin presents a noticeable contrast with a refreshed facial appearance. When this happens, […]

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Jawline cosmetic solutions in Beverly Hills

How to Get Your Best Neck Yet

At Enhance® Medical Center, Charles S. Lee, MD and our team see quite a few patients focused on improving the appearance of an aged, lax neck. Could the rise in neck-related inquiries be linked to “Tech Neck” – i.e.,  the physical effects of constantly looking down at a smartphone? Or is our propensity for selfies […]

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